“If you can’t say anything nice…… keep your freakin’ mouth shut!”

As many of you know, I’ve been busting my butt to get my ESL certification.  I’m ALMOST done……….. and I have had so many people encouraging me along the way…. My husband and kids have been a HUGE support to me.  I have many friends who have asked how it’s been going and have been happy for me each step of the way. (I feel like i’m accepting an award 🙂 )

The thing that bugs me are those people that have to open their mouths and give me those “words of warning.”  I’ve had  people say to me, “Oh, i hear there aren’t any jobs in that field.”  or those “alarm-bell” people that state, “That’s a dying field, isn’t it?”  Didn’t their mom’s ever tell them that if they don’t have anything nice to say to not say anything?  Why do they have to try and steal my excitement?  Why do they have to say anything at all?    The true way to show your unintelligence is to speak about something you know nothing about. 

This is the “come back” to those people that i’d never say to their face because MY mom taught me to be polite and MY dad taught me to be encouraging:  When you say things like that to me i think you’re doing the following:

1. showing that you’re jealous of me because i’m trying to better myself

2. proving that you live in a bubble and only care about yourself and your ideal of what life is about

3. you don’t want to see people succeed because you’re stuck where you are.

So, i say, “Blah!” to those discouraging apes and i focus on my goals and i choose to surround myself with people that want the best for me.

Thank-you to all of you that have been encouraging to me!  I will get this done and when i DO get a job i’ll thumb my nose at those “nay-sayers” as I’m travelling the world teaching people how to speak English 🙂


2 responses to ““If you can’t say anything nice…… keep your freakin’ mouth shut!”

  1. Darling there is a need for an ESL teacher in my district for a M/W evening class, 6:30-9. This isn’t the first posting I have seen either. My sis in law will be getting her cert too and you are way ahead of her. As long as there are immigrants we will need ESL. Unless they decide not to communicate with all of us. Maybe that is a topic for another day! In any case, pay no attention to the negative Nellies…!

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