When did life get so complicated?

when did bike riding become so complicated?  i remember when i was a kid, my sisters and i would grab our bikes out of the unlocked garage, jump on them and ride up and down the road for hours.  our only concern was speeding cars.

I went for a bike ride the other day with my husband and son and this is what it now entails…….  getting the bikes down from the basement ceiling, grabbing the bike helmet and adjusting it so it doesn’t rub against my sunglasses, finding a water bottle and filling it up so i have something to drink when i’m gasping for air, and chapstick – because all of that gasping makes my lips dry.  i now have to watch out for cars, people walking dogs, scooters, city buses, and stop lights.  Not to mention all of the construction by our house right now.  ugh!

When did life get so complicated?

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5 responses to “When did life get so complicated?

  1. When we grew up, life got complicated!

  2. its not more complicated.. you’re more old 😛

  3. I tired to send a response yesterday but it never posted…. I believe that things were more carefree when we were kids… Bottled water didn’t exist and if it did, we would have laughed and made fun of the idea. The parks all had drinking fountains.. We never wore helmets because no one thought we needed one. We didn’t lock up the bikes either.. Mine was either in the garage or the backyard for quick access. I don’t recall worrying about traffic, mostly because the families I knew, all had one car and it wasn’t at home during the day. We had sidewalks and could get anywhere without going across a busy street. Life is certainly alot different today!

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