The Facebook “Event” Defined

How do you feel when you receive a Facebook Event Invite?  I’ve come to believe, after making and receiving these things, that there are several different ways that people react to them.

1. The first group i’ll call “Attends Everything”.  they’re the first ones to click “Attending”.  They haven’t checked their social calendars but if there’s an event, they’ll be there.  Now, the question is…….. will something better come up and if it does, do they have the nerve to click “Not Attending”?

2.  The second group is what i’ll call “Don’t Want to Go but Want to be Asked”.  This group always clicks “Not Attending”.  They don’t want to go out; they probably have something better to do with their time but if you left them off of the guest list and they found about it (because we all know how many secrets have been revealed on Facebook) they’d be ticked.  Maybe we should work on self-esteem issues at the next Facebook Event….

3.  The third group is called “Maybe I Can Come If I Don’t Have Anything Better To Do With My LIfe” group.  They won’t commit to attending, they don’t have the guts to join the #2 group but they feel sad if they reject the offer so they click on “Maybe Attending.”  Hmmmm…someone better gain some courage!

4. The next group I’ll call “Deliquents”.  they’re the ones that never do click whether or not they’re coming or even thinking about it.  They just live in “Facebook Event Limbo” teetering between the “attenders” and the “not attenders”.  If these people aren’t careful, they will never get asked to another event and then what?  They might just miss Uncle Billy’s 85th birthday party.  shame!shame!

5. the final group i’ll lable “Don’t Wanna Come, Won’t Even Try But Don’t Want You to Think Badly of Me So I’ll Write on the Event Wall.”  (shew! that’s a mouthful!) these are the people that know you’ll be upset if they just click “Not Attending” so they try to justify their decision by explaining their more than busy life and why they’d LOVE to come but just can’t fit you in…… These are the people that have to make sure they’re telling the truth because if they don’t and you see them out at Swiss Chalet when they wrote on the Event Wall that their Grandmother was on her deathbed in Tacoma and had to fly out there, they will be in trouble…  These constant facebookers anger me, a bit.

There’s your list.  Do you teeter between a few of these?  Are you even on Facebook?  If not, you’ll have no idea what i’m talking about…. my friend Darlene and you would have something in common. (love you, Darlene!)   So, which Facebook Event Responder are you?  Maybe i’ll have to blog about the other type of Facebook Event People… those that make an event for every occassion!  Blah!


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