Another Rant aka:Another Customer Service Nightmare!

For 24 years i have wanted to buy a deep fryer.  Ya, ya, go ahead and tell me all of the reasons NOT to get one; i’ve had 24 years to think about it and i don’t care what you say.

I came home from work on Friday and my dear husband had found that Sears was having a sale on a Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer – 25% off which put it into my spending range.  After taking only 2 seconds to convince my son to go half-sies with me, we set out Saturday morning at 9AM to the closest Sears store – Masonville for all of you local readers – and straight to the Small Housesware section we marched.  We searched and searched but to no avail…… no Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers on for 25% off.  This nice lady – manager, maybe – i’m still not sure – happened by and asked if i was looking for something specific.  I showed her the flyer – which i held in my hand – and explained i couldn’t find them.  she announced it had been rather busy and they were probably sold out.  “Sold out!” i exclaimed.. “What time did you open?”  she replied they’d opened at 8:00. – “Crap!”, i thought! missed out.  She then offered to get someone who could check the computer for more coming in or if there was some elsewhere.  She told us the lady was finishing up with another customer and would be with us in a sec.  Well, that “sec” turned into 10 mintues and i went looking for her.  As i did, she came by and i found her talking to my son.  As i entered the conversation, she informed us that she couldn’t look up the product via the computer because it didn’t have a code number.  “A code number?”, i questioned.  Just type the name into the computer… who needs a code number these days.  Let’s just say that after 8 minutes of listening to all of her excuses as to why she couldn’t help us, we started to march out of Sears very unhappy non-customers.

Before we walked out, the first lady saw us and asked us if we had any success with our deep fryer.  I  started to explain how we received NO help and i was quite upset and wouldn’t be back!  (Don’t you just LOVE announcing that outloud for everyone to hear?)  Thankfully, she took over, said she would call the other Sears in town for us and see if they had any.  She asked if the other sales lady had offered to do that for us, i told her she hadn’t and she said she’d let the manager know.  After calling the store, they set one aside for us, we drove to the other location, grabbed it, paid for it and went happily on our way……

….. until later that day when we were at McDonald’s for a quick bite for supper.  Another wretched service story:  We placed our order and waited and waited and waited…… i soon figured out what happened.  After the girl took our order, she was told to go on break… which she did…..without filling our order OR telling her replacement about it.

You know, when i was in retail………..  oh, never mind… times are changing, folks.


4 responses to “Another Rant aka:Another Customer Service Nightmare!

  1. I’m not offended at all! I get terrible service all the time. I have to say I’ve good luck at Sears, though. Leanne’s prom dress came from Sears, and they got us one from a different store and mailed it to a third store, which was much more convenient for me.

  2. My response isn’t to the service, it’s about the healthly weekend. Deep fryer and McDonalds, girl after my own heart. But hey where’s the chocolate.

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