Summer days = Hot Dogs!

You don’t have to lecture me on hot dogs.  I know they’re made from the innards and hoofs of cows, sheep, chickens and ducks.  I know they’re high in sodium.  I know they have NO nutritional value in them.  but i LOVE them!  fried, bbq’d or boiled, i’ll eat a hot dog any day.

That’s why i was sooooooo excited when i received the latest email from the Foodnetwork.  they have a months worth of different hot dog ideas!  I’ve hit the motherload of hot doggy goodness!

i’ve printed off a bunch of these yummy recipes and have made my own little recipe book of them.  I”m so excited to try the Chimichange Dogs that i think i’m gonna go out and buy a deep fryer!

Anyone wanna come over for lunch after church on Sunday?

Here’s the link so you can download your favs and create your own Hot Dog Cookbook! Enjoy! 

See full size image


6 responses to “Summer days = Hot Dogs!

  1. me too, Yummmmm!!!

  2. I won’t be over for Sunday dinner – eat one for me – hot dogs remind me of the green bile I threw up when my appendix ruptured (it was the last thing I had eaten). 🙂

  3. Does this mean there might be a chance of getting to taste test one at the UR some day? They sound better than anything costco can muster up. Sunday would have been good too!

  4. Thanks for the info! My brother loves hotdogs more than most people and he could use this info. I happen to think that the dogs at the ball park are exceptional and it cannot be repeated at home. I also like a bratwurst or italian sausage from time to time… 🙂
    Hey, my aunt and uncle were talking about how much they like to go eat at the SAC cafe for Sunday Brunch and other meals. I guess there have been improvements in the last decades but remember how we laughed at those that came just for the food?? UGH. I couldn’t fathom it!

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