The BIG Ticket x2

Last weekend, my husband and i went to what’s called The Big Ticket Festival in Michigan.  It’s a music festival where some of our favorite bands play; it’s our 3rd year to go and we enjoy it.

While driving up last Saturday, i was studying my verb tenses so I could be ready to teach my ESL class on Tuesday when we got back.  there are 12 verb tenses in the English language and whereas most native English speakers could only list present and past, second language English students know all 12 and will put you to shame by asking questions about them that you can’t answer.  this is what had happened to me in class one day so I was going in prepared this time.

We were driving along nicely, quite into our “studying” when all of the sudden we both looked up just in time to see a Michigan State Police car spot us and wheel around with his flashing lights on…….. coming after us!  “Crap”, i thought.  My husband pulled over and as i dug through the glove box to find our registration and  updated insurance form, the nice police man walked up to the driver’s side window and asked if we knew how fast we were going.  “Sorry, i don’t,” replied my husband.  “Well, you were going 85 in a 70”, reported the officer.  As I gulped, my husband apologized and explained that his wife is going through to be an English as a second language teacher and we were intently studying verb tenses.  I wonder if he’d ever heard THAT excuse before?

The officer maybe doesn’t know his 12 verb tenses but he knows how to give a ticket.  Because this weekend now goes down in our history book as The Big Ticket x 2 weekend.


One response to “The BIG Ticket x2

  1. What the 12 verb tenses? You really know how to leave us wanting more of the story!! I would lovd to have seen the officer’s face when you gave him your excuse for speeding!

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