The Night in the Car

My husband and i took last weekend and went away to celebrate our anniversary.  most women would insist on a nice hotel room with room service and a comfy bed.  Not me.  I’m not high maitenance and love to go camping.  so that’s what we did.  We have a nice tent with warm sleeping bags but we don’t sleep on the ground.  i at least insist on a nice cushy air mattress to rest my weary bones.

We spent one of the days walking around Mackinac Island which is located in the straights between the Upper and Lower Penninsulas of Michigan.  It was a great day but we had done so much walking that by the time we got back to our camp, we were exhausted.  by 10 :00 we headed to bed.  As i climbed onto my air mattress, i heard that sound that no one wants to hear when climbing onto an air mattress….. the sound of air escaping from somewhere.  I commented to my husband that i had air escaping from my mattress and he said that there couldn’t be.  i insisted that i heard it but it fell upon deaf ears and we both crawled into our sleeping bags and drifted immediately off to sleep.

one hour later, at 11:19 pm, i awoke to find myself on the ground.  Hah! I was right!  air WAS escaping.  I wasn’t sure that waking the sleeping one to inform him of that was the right thing to do so i tried to figure out how to get comfortable enough to be able to sleep the rest of the night.  I had an extra blanket that i shoved under my sleeping bag hoping to form some sort of cushion between me and the hard ground…..  it didn’t work.  after about 30 minutes of tossing and turning, i grabbed our camp light and grabbed my book hoping that Charles Martin might just put me to sleep.  it didn’t work.  after one chapter on the hard ground, i turned off the light and figured that maybe simple exhaustion would put me back to sleep.  it didn’t work.  the issue wasn’t just the hard ground, it was also the fact that air was still at my feet and my feet were stuck up in the air while my butt was on the ground and my head was somewhere in between the two.  not the nicest predicament to be in at 11:30 at night after a day of walking.

about 12:00, i had had enough of trying to get comfortable on a hard ground with my feet up in the air.  to make matters worse, all i could see was lover-boy on his nice soft mattress sawing logs…….. Happy Anniversary, my foot!  i wanted to push him off and wake him up so he felt sympathy for me.

at this point, i decided i couldn’t spend the night like this.  I grabbed my stuff and in doing so, stepped on something that woke my groom up.  he was confused and wondered what was going on.  i told him my tale and announced that i was going to sleep in the car.  his reply was that i couldn’t sleep in the car.  i told him i surely wasn’t getting any sleep with my feet stuck up in the air and at least it would be comfortable in the car.  he lovingly offered his mattress to me but his back is worse than mine and i told him that wouldn’t be smart.

so, i grabbed the car keys, my pillow and my blankey and headed to the car.  As i snuggled into my seat i started to cry and kept asking myself why i liked camping and why i wanted to sleep in a tent and why i couldn’t be in my warm, soft bed.  i then thought about the chance that someone might want to bash in my car window and well,  that just freaked me out and i started to wonder if i had done the right thing by going to the car. 

i think the last time i looked at my watch it was 1:09am.  almost 2hours since my ordeal had begun.  the next thing i know, i awoke and it was light… it was 5 am….. and then the next thing i remember after that was  hearing a light tapping on my window.  as i opened my eyes, i saw my sweet husband smiling and saying it was time to get up.  the first thing he said to me was, “I suppose you’re trying to figure out now to get me back.”  funny, the first thing i was thinking about was trying to figure out how to get the kink out of my legs from sleeping in the car all night.

call me a glutton for punishment but we’re scheduled to go camping, again, in August.  think i should take a back-up air mattress?


3 responses to “The Night in the Car

  1. YES!! Get one of those air beds that are made of the tough material! You can’t take a chance on that happening again. My back feels the pain for you! Get a queen size so if there is another “mishap” you are both in it together. Maybe he’d listen next time if you hear air escaping! 🙂

  2. I empathize!!! This reminds me of my camping excursion in the back corner of our back yard, five years ago. One child stepped on another’s head and the excessive crying prompted the neighbours to leave a phone message wondering if we had abandoned our children in the back yard. At 2 am their sprinkler system came on and got my pillow and sleeping bag wet. I awoke to a flattened airmattress and sore back! I went in to use the washroom and thought now is my chance to crawl into bed. I found my husband in bed already and he said “I got here first!”. I went back to the tent to supervise the children knowing it would be the last time I would ever camp again.

  3. Karen, that was hilarious! Sounds like many of our wonderful camping stories. If you put soapy water on the mattress, you can find the leak by finding where the water “bubbles.” Then you can decide to silicone that spot or just get a new one.

    We camped in Montana, and every night for three nights I woke up in a puddle of water. It rained every day. After that, sleeping in the car felt really comfy!! Have a great day, Cuz!

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