The Surprise of Fruit!

I bought a watermelon the other day and i thought, “I hope this is a good one.”  I hate buying one of those things, cracking it open only to find that it’s not ripe, yet.  You know when there’s no taste and it doesn’t even smell like a watermelon?  The same can be said for cantelope, honey dews and pineapples.  what a waste of money and i hate getting my hopes up for a good bite of fruit and it sucks!

i remember one time my mom and dad bought a coconut.  Dad wanted to show us the milk inside.  After we got it cracked open – which is a whole other topic – the milk was sour.  So, when i went to do the same thing with my kids years later, i was afraid what i’d find.  It wasn’t sour but it was just icky watery juice 😦  But, when we were in the Bahamas, the groundskeeper pulled a coconut off of the tree, cracked it open for us and told us that coconut juice is good for you.  Seriously?  I hadn’t even been able to taste any that was worth ingesting.  Well, it wasn’t sour but it wasn’t awesome, either.  How would you ever know if fruit is ready or not?  There should be a little indicator that pops up on each fruit that tells you when it’s ripe… like the thing that you put in the turkey.

i remember one time i was shopping with a friend and she popped a grape into her mouth. I was shocked!  I asked her why she did that and she said that if she’s gonna pay$1.50 / pound for grapes that they better be good.  I somewhat agree!

i’m just glad when i married my husband i got to see what i was getting and didn’t have to crack him open to find any surprises that i didn’t want!


2 responses to “The Surprise of Fruit!

  1. I’m glad that your hubby is the sweet apple of your eye!
    When I choose a pineapple I tug on one of the centre leaves and if it comes out then it is ripe. If it has any soft spots though it will likely be over-ripe. I don’t care for fresh coconut milk either!
    Knocking on the melon to listen for a hollow sound is supposed to work but it doesn’t for me!!
    well….Happy fruit inspecting!

  2. I do wish husbands came with the little pop up timer that tells if they will be a “keeper” or not.

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