have you ever been heartbroken?  We say, “I’m heartbroken” but have we really ever FELT it?  

can you be so heartbroken that your heart actually hurts?  What about the incident that happened to you that you felt so sad  that crying came too easily and nothing could fix it? isn’t that heartbroken?

Have you felt heartbroken for someone else?  Does your heart break when you pass by homeless people?  Does it break when you think of people dying from  violence?  How about when someone you care so deeply about is hurting and you actually feel their pain for them?  maybe you haven’t felt real pain until you have felt it for someone else.  That’s when you know you have a heart because it’s breaking…… wonderful words from the Tin Man……

Heartbreak… real or fake?

See full size image


2 responses to “Heartbreak

  1. Very poignant!

  2. Oh… So real. What surprises me aer the thingsz that cause me to feel it — and what scares me more are the things that don’t, but rightly should.

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