There once was a store.  this was a specialty store that catered to the likes and desires of a certain clientele.  this store started small and grew to be quite popular in the city it was in.  It was a destination store so people went there when they needed only what it could offer.

This little store went through alot of changes.  It went through staff changes and management changes but it still mantained its clientele and its reputation throughout the city.  It tried new ways of getting customers in; some worked, some didn’t.  But the little store never gave up; it was good at what it offered.

one day, the owners of the store came in and told the manager that she wasn’t doing what they wanted.  the manager protested and said that she was doing what she could with the resources she had.  She tried to convince them that the customers were happy and that things weren’t as bad as they seemed.  but the owners wouldn’t listen.  they told the manager that she wasn’t doing her  job properly and that she was being replaced.  This sent the manager into a tail-spin because she loved what she did and she loved where she was doing it.  She was helping give people what they wanted and filling a need.  the owners told the manager that she could stay and be a sales clerk. they pretended like nothing was wrong.

but the manager couldn’t make the adjustment.  she was sad to see where the little store was headed.  She didn’t understand the logic of the new manager and didn’t know if she could be a part of it, anymore.  She struggled with what to do and where to go from the life she loved at the little store.

This whole episode cast her into  deep despair and she felt like she didn’t know where else to go.  She wandered for days and weeks not knowing where to turn.  She looked to her Father for guidance but found He was being silent. 

And that’s where we find her today.  wandering and waiting.  Looking for answers and the next step.  She knew she could if she just knew where……….

My dear readers:  today’s posting is my first attempt at an allegory. i would wager to guess that all of us have been the manager of a store at one point in our lives or another.  we have been booted out when we wanted to stay.  we have seen changes take place that have made us sad .  I have no answers but i believe things don’t stay awful forever.  Either we adjust or we move on.  In the words of one of my favorite theologians, Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler: “Tomorrow is another day!”  and as my other favorite theologian says:  “Keep your chin up!”


3 responses to “Changes……

  1. I’m inclined to think that the manager of the store would excel wherever she decided to hang her hat. She is obviously passionate about what she believes in and does, and it is a shame that the owners can’t see that.

    I wonder if the owners of the store think that maybe changing their product lines would give them the business boost that they seem to think they need. That would be a shame, because the satisfied customers would quickly become dissatisfied upon seeing that their favourite brands are no longer carried at the store, in favour of some other products.

    And then, of course, they would just shop elsewhere. Possibly even online.

    And sadly, new customers that would be searching for what this store USED TO offer (based on referrals from their friends) wouldn’t find it, and would then look for cheap knockoffs and substitutes.

    Seems to be an endless spiral. Sad.

    Good thing it is just a fictional store.

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