The Great Naturalization Process (?)

This is my Friday rant…….  We live on a hill that runs to a ravine.  Last year, the city put in a walking path between our backyard and the ravine.  I thought i’d hate it but it’s acutally ok.  Drives our dog crazy, though, when other dogs walk by.

My issue today is with what they call Naturalization.  The city has taken about 6 feet of grass between the walking path and our back yard and decided to “Naturalize” it.  this means that the city won’t cut it because they want it to look natural.  My opinion is that they’re just too stinkin’ lazy to cut it. 

I’ve attached some pictures for you to see what i mean.  In the one picture you can see a picker bush that is about 4 feet tall!  And this is only May 28th.  I can’t imagine what it will look like in August!  I’m just waiting for the end of the summer when the goldenrod is 10 feet tall and my kids and i sneeze from morning to night because it’s pollen is blowing into our windows.  I wonder if i can send the city my Kleenex bill?

The sign they post explaining why they’re not mowing the grass
The Picker Bush

the naturalization process. compare the long stuff to the cut stuff in behind.


6 responses to “The Great Naturalization Process (?)

  1. I can’t believe they call weeds Naturalization. I’m calling the City about a sold house across the street from us that has just been left empty and going to pot. But you can’t even call the City on this one. YUK!!!

  2. I’ve read that Goldenrod is not the bad guy of the Fall but rather Ragweed that is doing its thing at the same time. We just can’t see this more unobtrusive, now naturalized, weed. AAAchoo!

  3. I agree…..naturalization……more like cutting corners with tax money. that is ridiculous! keep taking pictures and send them in.

    Great blog….lol

  4. Wait til the snakes crawl up your hill . . . . I can hear you screaming now.

  5. This made me laugh! Post a pic of the picker bush each month 🙂 I think the naturalized area will spread weeds everywhere too. But it will make people think twice about cutting through your yard and maybe the dog won’t see them walking either ( since there will be a jungle there) Perhaps if there are enough complaints, it will change. Or they will just cement the whole darned thing. 🙂 THanks for the chuckle. I love your “rants”.

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