The big credit card dilemma

i just went on-line to check our credit card balance.  Of all of the bills i HATE getting, that’s the biggest i dispise.  by the time you get the bill, the thrill of the purchase is  over and all you have left to do is pay for it AND the interest.

we’ve paid off our credit cards a couple of times.  but that’s the first thing i always say i’ll do when i win the lottery…. and then cut them up.  well, we’ve done that, too and it doesn’t stay cut up.  do you know you can call and they’ll just send you another one?

so, the dilemma…… i just checked our balance.  before i actually got there, a screen came up that said i can INCREASE my limit!  just by clicking on a button.  It told me why…. because i’ve been a good customer!  Whoa!  that means because i carry a balance that i’m incapable of paying off and i’ve made them lots of money in interest.  “Good customer”.. really……..  back to the dilemma.  if i click on that button, i can then have the money to pay for whatever i want….  because if i increase it, then i KNOW i have another $1000 or so do play with but isn’t that what got us into credit card debt in the first place? the greed of having money available?  How many of us have said, “we have credit cards for emergencies only.”   ’emergencies’ is a relative term to what you need right now!

did i do it?  did i click on the button to increase my limit?  would you?


One response to “The big credit card dilemma

  1. Our card company just went ahead and increased it – I didn’t even get press a button!

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