Hollywood surprises me……..

i have been extremely surprised twice this week by two tv shows i’ve watched.  Let me explain.  The first show is called “Degrassi High” (yes, i know i’m stepping out to admit that i watched this but it was at the gym and nothing else was on) and “30 Rock”.  In each show there has been an unexpected pregnancy.  In “Degrassi”, the high school couple finds out they are pregnant and to make the story simpler than it is, he goes off the deep end and eventually tries to commit suicide.  In “30 Rock”, Jack and Avery find out that they are pregnant and it’s quite  a shock. ( let me stop here by saying that i know i need to get off of the couch and read more or go and ride my bike instead of watching so much tv)  Both of these decisions shocked me!  

Why?  because Hollywood  wrote two scripts where abortion wasn’t even talked about as an option.  the high school couple decided to put the baby up for adoption and the older couple talked about how the mom would be such a good one.  

 Could it be that Hollywood is starting to get a conscience?  Hmmmmmmm


2 responses to “Hollywood surprises me……..

  1. I hope so…

  2. You’re such an optimist!
    Wait a week and Hollywood will be pushing abortion again in full force. Not to be too pessimisstic, but I think H will always be very liberal and “pro choice”.

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