That stupid mayonnaise jar………

My mind has been on recycling lately.  Are you a recycler?  We used to have to pay $3 per bag of garbage and nothing for recycling so that’s when we started to use the old blue box!  Plus, it just makes sense to me that if a plastic bottle can be turned into a cute tote bag, why not do that instead of it sitting in a landfill somewhere?

Let’s talk about those stupid plastic bags.  I remember when those stupid things came out.  i was working at a grocery store and we used to have to ask the customer if they wanted “paper or plastic?”  Somehow by using plastic we were saving trees…. really?  Guess that no one thought about the 20 year affects on the use of ugly non-bio-degradable plastic bags.  Our family has  invested in reusable shopping bags that i can wash when they get a little nasty.  Even though we use those somehow we still end up with stupid plastic bags.  I can’t imagine if we didn’t use them. 

i look at how much we recycle in a week and i’m amazed that all of the could be going into a landfill but instead it’s going, well, to the recycle place. 

Second question:  to rinse out or not to rinse out…… now THAT is the question…………


3 responses to “That stupid mayonnaise jar………

  1. You used the word “stupid” 4 times in this blog . . . tell us how you really feel! 🙂

  2. Definately rinse. And repeat.

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