A funny thing happened on the way to the basement

Last night was my first night of no homework since September.  I wondered what i was going to do with my night when a friend suggested relaxing and putting my feet up.  Great idea, i thought.  So after my husband, son and i went and supported the FFFF at Baskin Robin’s, i came home and got into my comfy clothes and proceeded to go and put my feet up.  but first i had to check my emails…… 

then i passed the piano.  “Oh, the piano”, i thought. “I haven’t played that in months.”  So,  i sat down and proceeded to find my favorite pieces and realized that my fingers are quite out of practice.

then i headed towards the basement but remembered that i wanted to make coffee for the morning so we could make our iced coffee treats before work.   so, i did that.

Upon doing that, i remembered that i wanted to make this bean recipe that my sister gave me.  I proceeded to put that together.  i realized it had to cook for 2-3 hours… hmmmm i figured if i turned up the heat a bit it might cook faster…… 3 hours put me past my bedtime.

Then i realized that i hadn’t thrown the wet clothes from the washing machine into the dryer so i did that and then put another load in to be washed.

Then i felt my contacts starting to get dry and i figured i should run back upstairs to take them out before they bugged me anymore. 

That’s when i saw some papers lying around that i needed to put away so i grabbed them on the way…

Needless to say, 1.5 hours after i went to put my feet up, i finally ended up on the couch

Does this happen to anyone else?


8 responses to “A funny thing happened on the way to the basement

  1. Almost every day! I thought it was age-related syndrome! I can’t seem to focus on one task!!

  2. I know exactly where your comimg from!!!! Happens to me all the time. Funny thing though, in my house it only seems to effect me!!!!

  3. Karen, we live the same life! Except I’ve never attempted a bean recipe…

  4. all the time !!!

  5. EVERY DAY!!!!!!!

  6. No beans for Adam please!

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