Rant #2 or is it #3?

What do you think about this phrase?  “That’s  a ‘God thing'”….. referring to something awesome that has happened to someone……    i have heard this said by well-meaning, thankful people but it started me thinking about this phrase.  What does it mean?  If someone won the 4 million dollar lottery, would that be a ‘God thing’?  or what about the person’s  house that sold in just 12 days?  Can we say that it’s a ‘God thing’.  What about the person who just lost their house because they lost their job? Is that a ‘God thing’, too?  or are they being punished by God?  Would we call that a ‘Satan thing’?  Where do we draw the line?

Who have we become that all of the sudden we are determining what IS and ISN’T  from God? Have we all of the sudden made ourselves equal with the Almighty? Do we dare to even think we know what He’s thinking?  How dare we put ourselves on par with God in any aspect? 

He blesses us in many ways but to actually make the statement, ‘that’s a God thing’ is pretty bold and i, for one, will stop using it.


3 responses to “Rant #2 or is it #3?

  1. I am with you on this. Also, let’s ponder “God sightings.” This one really bothers me. God is so present in our lives that it irritates me to think others see him just showing up every so often. I know that the idea is to look for where he is at work, but the phrase just makes me bristle. It is so limiting.

  2. i believe every thing that happens is a god thing. he is the one in control.

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