A Milestone Birthday at our house……

On April 26, 1990 the temperature in southern Ontario was 27.8 degrees C – which is 82 degrees for my F readers 🙂  How do i remember this so well?  Because that was the day that my son was born.  My son is 20 years old today. For those of you whose children have turned that age, you will be able to understand my feelings today.  They are as follows:

1.  My husband and i  made it through the teen age years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  without: arrests, pregnancies, drugs, or shoplifting incidents.

2.  Having raised 2 kids through teenage years, I have TONS of advice just waiting to be given 🙂  Just ask and i’ll tell you what you should do and how to do it!

3.  Having your kids turn into young adults is not only challenging but rewarding.  You realize that you did some things right and that you also could have done things better.

I had to be induced with my son.  We tease him that he was so cozy inside that he wanted to stay as long as he could.  He was 2 weeks late and would’ve probably stayed longer if the dr. would have let him.

That, i believe, was a glimpse at who my son would become.  He is opposite of me; very introverted BUT stubborn ( the stubborn comes from his dad… tee hee).  These wonderful characterstics have kept him out of trouble and made him be able to stand up for himself and what he believes.   I couldn’t be more proud of him and if it doesn’t embarrass him too much, i want to say, “Happy Birthday, Joe!  I love you!”


ps… here are your balloons 🙂

See full size image


6 responses to “A Milestone Birthday at our house……

  1. Hey, I resemble that remark!

  2. So, my balloons aren’t being sent to my exam today? Too bad!


  4. happy birthday jonathan!! your moms lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her!

  5. Okay..so I’ve read the last three….Ditto to the parental remarks! Happy birthday Jonathon! Hope Pickles remembers your day!

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