The End or the Beginning?

My friend’s mom passed away last week.  i went to the visitation and when she saw me, she asked if i wanted to go and see her mom.  As I stood beside my friend and viewed her mom lying in the casket, I asked her to tell me about her being with her as she was going to be with Jesus. 

My friend said that the nurse told her that her mom didn’t have much time left and that she should stay with her until the end. the nurse then left the room.

This is what my friend said to me:  ” I placed my mothers beautiful face in my hands and kissed her good bye…. for the last time…. She brought me into this world and I gently helped her out! Thank You Jesus! .”  

After i wiped my eyes, i gave her a hug amazed at what a strong person she is. 

Some see death as an end.  My friend and I see it as a beginning!

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3 responses to “The End or the Beginning?

  1. Beautiful Karen…just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. ….how powerful is that !! …said with tears in my eyes…..

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