Lazy, is what i call it!

So, most of you know that i go to the gym.  I am also addicted to the tv show The Biggest Loser.  There have been times i  wish that i had a “Jillian” screaming in my face to push harder or go faster.  I know i don’t push myself and someone like that might just help.

They offer such a thing at the gym.  They’re called “Personal Trainers”  You pay them big money to be by your side, tell you what to do to lose weight and firm up, they push you to do more and go faster.  Or do they?????

This is what i see people getting for their money from so called “Personal Trainers”:  They’re sitting and watching,  they’re writing down ‘stuff’,  they’re drinking coffee, and they’re chatting with other trainers or the cute girls at the counter.  I hear no screaming and no pushing to go harder or faster.  I would not pay for that!  I want Jillian!

So, i will push myself a bit…. go one more rep  of 10 or hold it for 30 more seconds and keep my money to buy myself that new swimsuit that i get for getting rid of some love handles all by myself!  🙂  Blah on personal trainers.  

i’ve figured if this whole ESL thing doesn’t work out, I’m gonna train to be a Personal Trainer so i can work “hard” and get paid to do nothing.


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