Excuse me?…Another rant is heard

Went to the movies Friday night.  We had free passes from using our Air Miles points.  Got our tickets and went to get our “free” popcorn and drinks… it’s all included with the passes.  As we ordered our food, we decided to upsize the one drink and our popcorn.  that was going to cost us an extra 50 cents for each one for a total of $1.14 with tax.  The girl rang in our order.  At the end of the transaction, she said, “that will be $6.86”.  Right!  we questioned her on that and she explained it to us to which we questioned her AGAIN!  and then she realized she had done something wrong. No doubt, genius!  She called for her supervisor, explained TWICE what she had done and the girl looked at her and said, “I can’t do that.  I have to get the manager.”  For once, I’m not embarrassed about this.  this is NOT our fault.  And for once, i’m not the manager!  Awesome!

the manager saunters over.  I’m thinking, ” is this guy out of high school, yet?”  and “how could i ever work for someone that young?”  Not that i’m even thinking about a job at the movie theatre or anything… these thoughts just cross my mind.  Back to the story.  The manager hears the problem with the til and does his “thing” and hands us back $6. 86.  I protest kindly.  Nope!  Gave you a $10 bill, it was $1.14, that doesn’t make sense.  He says to the first girl, “what did you do, again?” to which she tells him.  He again, hands me back $6.86. to which i protest kindly, AGAIN!  and i continue to think, “does anyone have a calculator, please?”  I start to think i’d better be adding this up in MY head to know how much i really should be getting back.  I look at my husband and say, “we should be getting back $8.86, right?”  i don’t do math well; especially in my head!  He replies, “what?”  he’s thinking about the popcorn that’s sitting there getting cold while we have math class in front of us.  I look at the young manager and say, “we should be getting back $8.86”, not really knowing if that’s right or not.  He says to the 2 girls, “you’re getting me confused!”  So the girl explains to him again and finally he says, “Oh, ok.” and hands me back $8.86 to which we THEN finally get an apology.

Things i’ve learned from this episode:  1.  always take a calculator with me.  2.  look for the smart clerks and stand in their line.  3.  free popcorn and drinks was STILL worth the hassle.  4.  when popcorn is around, don’t ask my husband for advice.  5.  i don’t want to work at the movie theatre.


7 responses to “Excuse me?…Another rant is heard

  1. Mmmmmmm…. popcorn

  2. I think I had just gotten over the “emotional scarring” of that episode and then you went and opened “the wound” again. Thanks alot!

  3. Was this theatre in the U.S. ? Because I didn’t think Canadians were that uneducated. I thought just Americans were stupid.

  4. easy on the young people at cash. we grew up with calculators.. IT’S HARD FOR US 😛
    but seriously.. didn’t anyone ever tell them the customer is ALWAYS right? and as if Silver City would really go under for 2 bucks.. JEEPERS 😛

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