A Friday Rant

I promised my husband that i wouldn’t use my blog as a ranting area…. i am breaking that promise.  

Why have we become so dependant on things that cost money?  I just got our cell phone bill… for the 4 of us…… so, all-in-all, the amount is  justifiable but i hate getting it every month.  I have nothing to show for it.  Paying for groceries?  I have a slightly overweight body to show for that.  Paying for cable?  i can remember what i watched.  Paying for heat and hydro?  a warm house and clean clothes.  But a cell phone?  It’s become a “necessity” and i have nothing at the end of the month to show for it except for a bill that makes me want to make my family all take on part-time jobs to pay for it…….  

Do we get rid of them?  YOU tell my daughter that, ok?  and, she actually pays her own bill…. it’s the sticker shock when i open it that gets me. 

If there are any suggestions out there with how to deal with cell phone bills and not have a coronary, i’m all ears.


3 responses to “A Friday Rant

  1. I love your rants, they are so real. Trying going on Pay-As-You-Go then you really think about what you’re spending and get off quickly. Or you could just lose a few friends!

  2. I don’t usually post responses to your blogs, but I had to get in on the hate. I hate them too. Our cell phone contracts are up in 4 months and we’re starting to plan for how we’re going to live without them. We’ll see…

  3. you are NOT getting rid of my phone 😛

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