A Lick Wakes Me out of a Trance.

There are a couple of reasons i look forward to winter:  big bulky sweaters, snuggling under a blanket and looking at snow storms from the inside.

BUT………….. there are more reasons to i look forward to spring………. walking barefoot in the grass, smelling grass being cut, flowers coming up, longer days, warmer days….. oh, my list goes on and on.

I’ve been enjoying listening to the frogs at night in the ravine behind our house.  Those little guys go all night long.  There is a point during the night, however, when the frogs stop and the birds take over.  Must be shift change in the ravine 🙂

The other day is was out studying in the warm sunshine and i realized that i needed a break.  so, i got down on the ground, laid down in the grass and closed my eyes.  It was so nice to feel the warm air, smell the greening grass and welcome spring to the year 2010……… it was the wetness of a tongue on my face that jolted me out of my dream-like state and as i opened my eyes i saw Westley leaning over me enjoying the spring time weather, too .  i guess i’m not the only one that likes spring.

Welcome warm air, frogs and a puppy’s happy lick!  Welcome Spring 2010!


One response to “A Lick Wakes Me out of a Trance.

  1. You’re so great a painting a picture with words!

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