Me, the Garden and God

i’ve been feeling a bit “blah” lately.  School, work, finances, etc; things that you all face day-to-day, too are bringing me down.  I have always found that getting out into the garden makes me feel alot better.  i find grabbing  a hand trowel and digging in the soil to be very theraputic.    For some reason the act of yanking on a weed and throwing it as far as i can to be symbolic of grabbing onto whatever is bugging me and tossing it so far that i don’t have to deal with it, anymore. 

So, last night, i did something i haven’t done for a long time.  I got into my jammies at 7:30, grabbed a trowel and started digging in my garden.  God and i had a bit of a talk while i grabbed and pulled those stupid weeds out.  I had to laugh when after i had thrown a weed a long ways off, i saw our pup try and go after it.  “Let it be, Westley,” i said to him “You don’t want that stupid weed, it’s picky”.  and you know what?  i think that’s what God said to me, too.  “Let it be, Suzy.  You don’t want that it’s picky.”

Struggling with something?  Find something theraputic to do.  Get on your jammies, grab your trowel and dig…….. Who knows, you may just feel better, too.


2 responses to “Me, the Garden and God

  1. Good one Karen!

  2. think i’ll try that. sounds like good therapy.thanks suzy!

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