The mark of the Robin…….

I’ve been waiting to see my first Robin of the season.  As every true northerner knows that’s the sure sign that spring has arrived.  I’ve heard them in the morning when i’m coming out of the gym but it’s like they’re taunting me from the trees with their song that says, “We’re here but you can’t see us, yet!”  Little stinkers!

This morning was a bit warmer so i put on my spring jacket.  My husband commented on that yearly milestone as i got into the car.  I said that it was a bit warmer and i felt i could safely wear it without getting too cold. As we pulled out of the driveway, i saw 2 robins!!!!  I was so excited and i said, “It seems funny that i put on my spring jacket and that same day i see my first robin!”  to which my husband replied, “Why did you wait so long to put it on?”  hmmmmm   good question…..maybe i should’ve put it on in December?


One response to “The mark of the Robin…….

  1. Westley loves to chase the robins! It’s the real hunter/gatherer in him!

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