I’m not leaving YOU a tip!….. are you crazy?

as some of you know, i got my hair cut on saturday and the girl CHOPPED my bangs.  if you read my blog about my dad taking away my scissors, i’m sending him over to take away hers………

i tried to think of any bright spot to this little incident; i’ve managed to think of some postitive responses to this embarassing incident; i’ve decided to make lemons out of lemonade. 

1.  i no longer have to pin my bangs up while i wash my face.

2.  i can now see just fine without looking through hair

3.  i don’t look so shabby

4.  i don’t get mascara on them while i put it on.

5.  when they’re curled under, i look like i’m 6 and that’s not such a bad thing at my age…….

Funny how our pastor on Sunday mentioned insecurities on Sunday………  oops….. felt like he looked right at me as he said that……  i know, they’ll grow back but from now on, i’m giving the scissors to my  husband and he can chop my hair for free.  At least if he messes up, i haven’t wasted any money.

Have a good hair day!and by the way, i left NO tip!


2 responses to “I’m not leaving YOU a tip!….. are you crazy?

  1. This is how I find out that I get to cut YOUR hair? In a blog. Were you counting on the fact that I might not read you blog today? This is a BIG day. The tables, I mean scissors are now turned. When do I get to take possession of the scissors?
    OH, this is gonna be FUN!

  2. oh, you DO read them! Now i know 🙂 go easy big guy……. it will be at least 6 months before i need another trim 🙂

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