I like beef on a raisin bun…… you snob!

when i was a kid, we moved around alot.  that has alot to do with who I am now and i see it as a good thing but at the time it was hard to be the “new” kid or feel like you didn’t really belong because you weren’t from that place.   gotta love that insecurity thing….

I’ve pretty much gotten over that insecurity, or so i thought i had.  last night my husband and i were at a very ritzy opening night gala for a garden show in Toronto.  He managed to get us these tickets and i was thrilled.   It was interesting that there were two rows of people that were going into the show.  The first row were VIP’s who were geting in 1/2 hour earlier than us “normal folk”.  They turned over their ticket for a wrist band and a chance to get in before the rest of us.  We also found out that they had their own “VIP food”, too.  We were all served Prime Rib on a bun, Beet risotto and various other yummy things.  But i just knew there was something better in the “VIP food” place when i over heard someone say something about an oyster bar and we never saw one.

so, the clincher of having that old familiar insecuity come back was when i was standing in line waiting for my beef on a bun.  A snobby couple came up and demanded to get in line in front of me because they had been waiting longer and had just been in the wrong line.  He also looked at the bun i had picked out and said in a mocking tone, “That bun has raisins in it.  Who would want beef on that?”  All of the sudden i felt like that girl that was always picked  last for the sports teams in gym class.  Luckily, i came to my senses quickly, refused to let them in front of me and proudly handed the chef my plate as he piled prime rib on my bun. As they stood watching me, I smothered dijon mustard on my raisin bun and proceeded to eat it and enjoy it. 

There were definately alot of snobby people there last night.  I was happier walking through the market place than the ritzy gardens that i’ll never have.  At the marketplace are retail people that i can relate to and will talk to me whether i have a wrist band or not. 

Something comforting  dawned on me this morning as i was mulling this incident over in my head. the snobby couple that made fun of my bun is  just like we were……. “normal  folk” with no wrist band and no oyster bar.  Interesting thought, huh?

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5 responses to “I like beef on a raisin bun…… you snob!

  1. Karen, hold that head high! You are a Wibert!! LOL I think you are worth more than a million of them. Good for you not to let them have “cuts.”

  2. Karen! How beautifully put … nice blog! Looking forward to reading you more in the future!

  3. You go girl. Normally I would not put beef on a raisin bun, but if that was me last night, you bet I would! Piled high!

  4. Reminds me of the “star-bellied sneetches ” We are all more happy at the market. We may achieve our star, and it often takes getting one, to realise how much the star doesn’t really matter. I hope your non-banded ‘friends’ who may have thought they deserved a band learn this !

  5. And I get looked at funny for putting Peanut Butter on my raisin bun! 😉
    Anyway, good for you Suzy! mmmmmmmm…. beef!

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