The Battle of the Love Handles

I’ve been looking at this one blouse in my closet all winter.  I love it because it’s stylish and it makes my eyes “pop”.   I put it on last fall, sat down and felt my wonderful love handles pushing through the material.  I also noticed a bit of a gap in the front.  I was NOT happy.  since when did this blouse that i really like shrink?  yah, yah, i know, it didn’t shrink, I grew.

So, as most of you know, i’ve been working my arms all winter trying to beef up for the summer.  And i would like to say that it seems to be working.  I’m up to 17 pound weights on each arm and i’m still having fun.  Well, in the meantime, i seem to have been fighting the battle of the love handles, too.  I wanted to wear the above mentioned blouse this morning and went to put it on, not knowing what i’d find.  One thing i didn’t find was  a gap in the front and i didn’t find my love handles flowing as freely as they had a few months ago.  so, yay!  i’m fighting and starting to win the battle of the love handles.  I told my husband this morning that i will be rewarding myself with a new bathing suit this summer….. good-bye old lady swimming suit with the hip poof!  See ya, later!

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One response to “The Battle of the Love Handles

  1. You’re an inspiration to us all!

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