Going away….

with mixed emotions i am planning a night away from my family.  I don’t go away by myself very often, like once every 10 years, but it’s strange:  I’m packing for myself.  I’m planning the road trip for myself.  I’m trying to make sure there’s enough food in the house when my family is quite fine on their own.  What’s this instinct that keeps me checking the lists for myself and my family? and…..  Am i afraid they’ll kinda like it without me around?  hmmmmmmm

and then there’s the question: “What will i come home to?”  a mess?  a neat and tidy house?  dirty dishes in the sink?  dog junk all over?  cat hair all over everything? oh, that’s just normal at our house, right……

anyway, i’m excited to get away for even one night and i know about 12:00 am i’ll be lying there wishing my snore machine was beside me helping me get to sleep……..  and they better not have too much fun without me 🙂


2 responses to “Going away….

  1. You didn’t tell us where you are going. We don’t know whether to be jealous or not!!!!

  2. to see Beth Moore in Toronto…… Not a beach 🙂 don’t be too jealous 🙂

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