We’re not done, yet!

This is a pretty tough time of year for me.  Here’s the scenario….. the snow is melting, the days are getting longer and it’s getting warmer.  I want to get out and dig in the garden, plant some flowers and get this spring thing going.  BUT….. i was born in this part of the world and i know that one more snow storm is coming….. i just don’t know when……  Old Man Winter isn’t done with us, yet.

but isn’t it great to be hearing the birds calling for each other and seeing them making their nests?  isn’t it nice to see how the snow melts a little more each day?  have you noticed that it actually smells like spring, too?  If i didn’t live where i do, i know i would miss spring as it unfolds a little bit more each day……..

so, i’ll fight the urge to put out the patio table and chairs.  and i’ll fight the urge to put away my winter sweaters.  and i’ll fight the urge to put the snow shovel away….. because i know…… oh, yes, Old Man Winter, i know………


One response to “We’re not done, yet!

  1. March comes in like a lamb, and goes out like a lion ! Look out….ROAR ! Keep your shovels handy !

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