The Haircut

when i was a kid, i always cut my own bangs.  and i always did a horrible job.  My dad even threatened to take the scissors away from me one time.  I must say that i’ve come a long from the crappy bang job because i give  my husband and my son their haircuts.

There was a haircut “incident”, though,  that my son and i laugh about quite regularly.  One time i was cutting his hair and i made a BIG mistake….. don’t really even remember what i did but all i remember saying was, “You’ll have to wear a hat to school for a couple of weeks.”  Poor kid.  He was probably 10 and didn’t really like hats.  But he did it.  so, now we laugh and he teases me and just last night when i cut his hair i did the old “ooops. go and get your hat” bit and we laughed.

Anyone want to hire me to cut YOUR hair?  I’m pretty cheap.


One response to “The Haircut

  1. Jonathan Elliott

    But, I am wearing a hat……coincedince, I think not. hahaha

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