Good News!

don’t ya just love it when you get good news?  When you’re waiting to hear about that job interview you had and you finally get  the call that “Yes!  You got the job!” or how about when your accountant says, “Why yes, you ARE getting a tax return this year.”  Or how about “Congratulations, You’re pregnant.”  Um, that’s not a real good one to use on me at this time in my life but i think you get the picture.  Once you hear good news, you just have to tell someone, don’t ya?

Well, i’m niether pregnant nor do i know about a tax return this year, yet, but my friend just told me she got a job she was hoping to get! I’m so happy for her!  so I’m telling  all of you (she thinks it was her lipstick color that secured the job) and here’s hoping that YOU get some good news today, too!


One response to “Good News!

  1. What color lipstick ? Is it uni-sex ?

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