A Vagabond or College Student…..


the grocery store i shop at has this thing with their grocery carts where they clip together and  you have to put a quarter in to get them apart.  You get your quarter back when you’re done.  The great “prize” after buying hundreds of dollars of groceries is to find a cart that someone has forgotten to clip back to the others and their quarter is still in it.  Somehow this 25cents makes up for the loss of money in my wallet.

The other night after grocery shopping, my son put the cart back in the cart corral and came back to the car.  His habit is to throw the quarter in the cup holder for next time.  He failed to do that.  I said, “where’s the quarter?”  to which he replied, “oops, i forgot.”  he ran back to the carts to grab the quarter.  When he got back to the car he was chuckling as only my son can do.  I asked what was wrong and he said, “I took the quarter out of our cart and the lady behind me said, ‘do you want mine, too?'”  Apparently she thought he was a poor vagabond looking for extra quarters.  I said, “Nope.  You’re just a college student waiting for your OSAP to come through.”  We had a good laugh about this on the way home……

Maybe i should cut his hair?  Poor guy…. looking a bit scruffy, i guess.


5 responses to “A Vagabond or College Student…..

  1. I really like reading your stories, I have a little laugh each day.

  2. Jonathan Elliott

    Thanks, Mom. I’m happy to be the topic of your blog for today!!!!!

  3. I would hate to shop somewhere I had to put money in to get a cart! Strange and ridiculous!

  4. I have heard of these carts 20 years ago. They use them in France. They charge like a franc or so. The person who told me of them said it keeps people from taking them and leaving them all over. I guess it keeps People in the burbs from leaving them all over the parking lot. I once found a grocery cart on the corner of my street, half a mile or so from the store. If the inconsiderate buffoon who left it in my neighbor’s yard had to pay a quarter, I bet it would’ve been returned..by either him or her…or a college student glad to trot it back. I put it in the back of my little truck and drove it to the store. It nearly flew out the back as I drove the 1/2 mile. I had to hang on to it through the split back window. Now that was more fun than the olympics, and worth more than a quarter !
    The fellow ‘joe’ at the store who brings in the carts just said ‘Hi’ like normal when he saw me pull up cart in truck…not a thanks, or what’s the story here ? Perhaps it is a common occurance, but I felt like I was doing a good dead….so perhaps when you have to pay a quarter you miss out on that, and can only give your quarter away to get that same rush !

  5. ….good deed that is…indeed !

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