Moving on…..

Well, the olympics are over.  I have had several conversations with people regarding them and the extent that people have taken ownership of who they are as a citizen of a country or become more patriotic because of them.   The Gold medal game ending goal that Canada scored last night was amazing if you’re Canadian or devastating if you’re American.

I overheard a commentator this morning say, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”  wow!  really?  A game winning goal is the best that it gets?  how sad if that’s the view we take on life.

But now what?  No more snowboarding.  No more curling (which i STILL don’t understand). No more ice skating and  no more luging.  I suppose we go back to watching American Idol or The Biggest Loser. 

Let’s hope that Canadians keep their new found  patriotism and we can somehow search everyday for game winning goals that make us celebrate life!


2 responses to “Moving on…..

  1. I couldn’t care less about the Olympics !

  2. Melissa Sharpe

    Funny… especially since you are American Suzyoenny 🙂

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