Another Dog Story OR a Story for the Not-so-Faint of Heart…..

I have, yet, another dog story to share…. well, two actually.  If you’re sick of my dog stories or you  don’t like to hear about gross things, please don’t read any further.  but if you like a good laugh or NEED a good laugh, read on.

I was home early one afternoon and Westley needed his little walk.  I grabbed a chocolate Valentine’s sucker for me and his leash for him and away we went.  It wasn’t until i was a ways from the house that i realized that i didn’t have any little poop bags with me.  If you’re a dog owner, you know it’s just wrong to leave your dog’s “stuff” on the sidewalk or grass or snow…. just wrong.  But it was the afternoon so i figured that the pup wouldn’t be doing that at this time.  Well, i was wrong!  As he was “doing his business”, I thought, “what am i going to do?” I have nothing to put this in!   There was a lady and her child just up the way from me watching and i knew i’d get a nasty look if i just left it.  It was then that i realized the empty sucker stick in my hand.  “Why not?” i thought.  I bent down, used my sucker stick as a skewer and made a “poopsicle”.  I carried it to the garbage can, deposited it, and made the lady and her child laugh at what i had created.

Second story……. my husband took Westley to the dog park.  He loves it there… he gets to run and play and jump and bark…… Westley, not my husband.  As Westley is having  a blast playing with the other pups, my husband is sitting on the park bench watching a scene unfold that could only happen in the movies.  Westley walks over to a lady, sniffs at her boot, lifts his leg and pees on her.  Apparently, it’s like watching your kid pee behind a tree at the park and not wanting to admit he’s your kid.  The little guy ended up doing it twice.  My husband just looked away and thought, “whose dog is that, anyway?”

This dog has been a treat and makes us laugh more than cry.  Wish he could understand this concept 🙂



3 responses to “Another Dog Story OR a Story for the Not-so-Faint of Heart…..

  1. hahahahahaha you’re hilarious karen, definitely something i would do lol

  2. Jonathan Elliott

    Love that little guy!!!! Even for the messy things he does.

  3. Did you love him whilst he barked in the middle of the night last night??

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