Boredom at the Office

my daughter reminded me that i hadn’t sent her my blog link yesterday.  I told her it’s because i hadn’t written one for awhile.  I told her that i really didn’t have anything to write about and I said that i was so bored at work that i was about to do the stereotypical “Office Manager” thing and start filing my nails.  (Which i think is a stupid name…..  i answer the phone…… call me a receptionist, i don’t care.)  I’ve cleaned out every drawer, cupboard and nook and cranny i can find so i’m done with that.  but now what?  the golf tournament stuff doesn’t start up for another 3 months or so……. blah!

my family immediately gave me a list of things i could do while being  bored.

1.  Make fake mustaches on the pictures hanging in the office and see if anyone notices.

2.  Make a fake mustache on my bosses picture from 1975.  now i’m sure he’d notice that one!

3.  See how many pencils i can get in my hair like Eddie McClurg does in Ferris Bueller.

Any other suggestions you want to pass along?  and thanks, family for the suggestions……. you are quite helpful 🙂


3 responses to “Boredom at the Office

  1. A friend of mine recently sent me an email dealing with this very subject! Unfortunately I must have deleted it and I can’t send it to you. Here’s what you do. Scour your office for as many dead flies as you can find. Then you put them on a piece of paper, and draw details like they’re doing funny things. For example, they could be making snow angels. They could be skiing the Super-G at the Olympics! Use your imagination and have fun! Love, your cuz, Julie

  2. play your clarinet ! It’s portable and your probably wouldn’t hear the phone ring if it does !

  3. Email your friends!

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