It’s Friday!!!!!

for many, many years i worked in the wonderful retail sector.  My life consisted of working 5 days a week, one of which was always a Saturday with a day off during the week.  Because my husband also worked retail, we would try and not have the same day off to relieve the kid sitter.   i have many years of working saturdays in my past and i hope they stay there. 

I have been at my new job for almost 2 years and i still can’t believe that feeling of thinking, “Hey, it’s Friday and i don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”  it’s like this constant gift that i get.  The thought of 2 days off in a row still hasn’t really sunk in.  Not that i don’t do major housework and errand running on saturdays… it’s certainly not a day of leisure but the feeling of not having to work is quite rewarding.

So, i look forward to tomorrow with excitement BUT i also feel for those that DO work on Saturday and i have empathy for you…. because i understand how crappy it is…..


One response to “It’s Friday!!!!!

  1. Amen sister!

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