Being Inspired…..

there seems to be alot of talk these days about being inspired.  i think this is due to the olympics.  Seeing Alexandre Bilodeau win the first gold for Canada on home soil made me want to get a mogul’s coach and get out on the slopes.  I’ve never skied so this would be quite the thing at my age.  but he inspired me to want to do that.

what about you?  who inspires you? what inspires you?    are you inspired to get a pair of old skis out?  Are you inspired to pick up the camera, again, and go and find your love of photography, again?  are you inspired to set down and learn to play the piano? 

i think i’ll stay away from the moguls this time but maybe i’ll try and find my ice skates, again…. i could be ready for the 2014 games  in Sochi, Russia!


One response to “Being Inspired…..

  1. Suzpenny! you inspire me !

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