Valentine’s Day….

of course i have to talk about Valentine’s Day today.  some people don’t like Valentine’s day.  I happen to like it.  I figure if i can still like it after running a flower shop for 7 years than it has to be a good holiday.  I used to say that i saw more men on that day than most women see in a lifetime!  It was always amazing to me how much money was spent on something that died less than a week later.  At least if you get chocolate, it’s on your hips for months to come! 🙂

i remember one guy that ordered a bouquet of cut tulips for his wife; cost him $19.99.  He then turned around and ordered a dozen long-stemmed roses arranged in a vase for  $150 for his girlfriend….. i’m surprised he got out of our store alive!

I like Valentine’s Day and i don’t care who knows it.  I don’t expect much, just some chocolate and maybe a meal out….. and as spoiled as i am, i usually get what i want.

i remember as a kid loving those “conversation hearts” at Valentine’s Day.  “wil you be mine?”  “cool kid”   “hot one”   remember those?  and how about the Valentine’s boxes you had to decorate to put your Valentine’s cards in?  Remember hoping that you got one from that cute guy?  just hoping that he didn’t forget you?  sily, huh?   I don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore…. thankfully……

How about you?  do you have someone to spend V-Day with? or will you be like Liz Lemon and spend it at the dentist hallucinating over Bon Jovi?  Whether you see it as another day for the card market to make more money or a day to tell that special someone that you love them, enjoy it and make it special somehow.  find someone lonely and treat them to a nice flower or a chocolate…… make’s someone else’s day.


3 responses to “Valentine’s Day….

  1. I see it more as a birthday….. But am very blessed, regardless to have a great man to spend it with.

  2. Expecting choc. and a meal out is fine, does your Husband expect something ? This seems to be a ‘Holiday’ where women expect of men. How did it become that ? Why isn’t is a this about mutual love and admiration ? How did Romance become the purchase of cliche’ gifts for women ? ….The same way Christmass became a day of consumerism.
    It’s become a rather sexist joke in our society….but at who’s expense ? Men…financially….Women just lose dignity….if they comply to the stereotype and just recieve.
    Too bad people buy into the comercialism, sexism, and stupidity and are just blindly following what they’ve been told matters instead of really giving themselves to someone they love year round. …I know, I know…all reading this will say ‘but I have, this is just something else’ …really ? If you expect something on special on valentines day…what do you expect the rest of the year ? Shouldn’t the gift be the love ? …just like Christmas is supposed to be ?..Don’t get me going on the Frickin’ Easter Bunny…O.K ?! (guess I don’t like Valentines Day….OBJ )

  3. Hey i loved those heart candys too. If that one special person gave you one with a certain saying… you were in love! Then there were those valentines. Could’nt wait to see which one that really cute guy gave me ,and oh what a hugh decision to figure out which one to give him!!!!

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