The Winter of the Mice……

a good friend and i were reminiscing about when we worked together in the very office i’m sitting in right now.   We were laughing about the winter the office had mice in it.  One day i was sitting here and a mouse ran right across my feet.  Scared me to death! That’s what started it all.  there was the day i heard T scream and i ran down to her office  just in time to see a little mouse peeking his head out of her bag.  She stood there grabbing my arm and screaming and i was laughing so hard i was crying.   another day and another scream sent me running down to see another little guy looking at me from out of her shoe she had taken off.

it was a funny time in the office.  We could hear mice running around in the ceilings.  One day we caught one with the recycle bin.  we captured him and then weren’t sure what to do with him.  I actually got used to them sneaking around the corners.  They made me laugh.

then there was the day when T had a piece of bread on her desk for lunch. it had been there a couple of days and it was in a bag.  when she went to eat it she found that there was a teeny bite taken out of it.  we laughed about it and figured it was one of the other staff that had gotten into her office and taken a bite out of it as a joke.   It wasn’t until we saw the signs of mice on her desk that we realized it wasn’t a co-worker that had taken the bite out of it, it was the mice.  I tried not to laugh because she was horrified that she had eaten it.  she figured she was gonna get sick and franctically searched the internet on what to do if you eat something a mouse had already taken a bite out of.  I tried to be sympathetic, i really did, but i couldn’t…. it was just too funny.

eventually, the rodent guys came and cleaned up the infestation.  the fun was over but it makes for good stories and gives us a good laugh when we talk about “The Winter of the Mice.”


2 responses to “The Winter of the Mice……

  1. I miss you so much. But NOT the mice…. 🙂

  2. But that little mouse in the picture is sooooo cute!

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