When of things that my Grandma inspired in me was a love of birds.  she lived sometime in a trailer park but that didn’t stop her from having tons of bird feeders and at least one bird bath in her yard.   I remember watching the birds from her living room window as they swooped in and out of the feeders; playing with each other in the summer and winter months.

I don’t have a favorite  bird.  i love lots whether it be the fire-red cardinal or the dark blue blue jay.  I love to try and find hawks in the trees as we drive by on the highway (some how when i find one on a telephone poll it just seems wrong…..)  i love to hear the woodpeckers trying to get their dinner in a hollow old tree.  how about the little chickadee? they are so cute yet, so missed somehow.  They somehow or other always find food and make it through their day……

how about you? do you feel missed today?  Take heed, Someone is watching you this very day…….


3 responses to “birds……

  1. I’m watching you, my little “Chick”-adee!

  2. Wild birds are one of the few creatures, that have escaped the domestication of man. Perhaps that is why they fascinate us. They do fine without us, however we have domesticated every other creature into something other than what nature intended. Cows bred for meat and milk look not much like what the creater designed. Our friends, Dogs and Cats , have also been human designed for beauty and purpose of the whims of humans.
    However wild birds are as intended …and they are free from human intentions as far as their genetics are concerned, and live best on their own. We are amazed at their tenacity, however we forget they are in ‘their’ enviorment and we are also in ‘their’ enviorment. We do put feed and water out for them, but they really would survive without us, but we feel the need to intervene with mother nature, because we just can’t resist.
    If humanity doesn’t kill off the birds with chemicals, global warming, and destruction of habitat…the birds may outlive humanity. The meek shall inherit the earth.
    Perhaps we envy the freedom to live using only what our maker provides…free from the constraints of human society and companies.
    Who ever heard of a wild bird getting downsized from a job, or having stress from trying to meet goals ?
    Did humans ever live as free as birds ?
    St. Francis attempted it.., can humans ever be free again ? Is it too late to be like St. Francis ? Can one just walk away from everything and live like a bird ? From momemt to momemt ? So tempting, but where could one do this in this world ? Is utopia lost for all, is it for the birds ?
    ~ obj

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