What a Week!

ever have one of those weeks where you look back and you think, “If someone would’ve told me what was going to happen, i never would’ve gotten out of bed on Monday morning?”  that was last week for us.  sickness, work issues, appointments, meetings, class assignments……  i look back and think, “where did the week go and how did we do it?”

well, the truth is, not everything got done.  The laundry is still waiting.  There’s still housework to be done.  I probably snapped at my kids when i shouldn’t have.  I think i yelled at someone on the phone.  I think i got upset at the girl at the grocery store muttering something about the price of butter being up.  I think i blew it alot last week due to many circumstances.

So, i get up this morning and have a decision to make.  Do i let last week control what my attitude is this week?  I could.  I could wallow in my horrible week and decide that’s how i will live this week.  OR………… i can decide to make this week different anyway i can.  What good things happened last week that i can recall?  I saw my sisters 🙂   i made really good banana cupcakes 🙂  i got to lead a small singing group at church 🙂  i attended a friend’s birthday party 🙂  i got to hang out with friends 🙂

My decision is this:  i will not let last week follow me into this week…….. the past is gone.  i focus on this week and the good things it will bring 🙂  I hope you can do the same………


2 responses to “What a Week!

  1. Dale (aka Daddy Nobucks)

    amen sister! preach it!!

  2. Count those blessings Suzy, it may be more difficult than the opposite, but they give more reward. It is so easy to be negative, and while we are doing it… we are in our comfort zone. But when we get out of that slump, you are right…those little smiley faces add up ! How do we keep them coming ? Vitamins ? the Gym ? xoxo ? Shopping ?…..Why is happiness so fragile like thin blown glass and Negativity so heavy like cast bronze ? Perhaps it’s because the happiness is worth, more because it’s fleeting ? If we were happy all the time, would we long for Sadness ?
    Or would be take happiness for granted and wish for ecstacy ? I guess it depends on how full or empty the glass is. Perhaps I should just be happy I have a glass. 🙂 ~ OBJ

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