Suzy was sick

It seems that the flu has hit Suzy’s house.  Everyone that lives there has had the flu this week.  it’s one of those things where your stomach hurts so badly that you beg for death to come. One of those flu’s where you’re up all night and you think, “how can it only be 3:00?  Haven’t i been at this all night?” 

To make matters worse, i had leg and feet cramps, as well.  Not sure where that came from.  Never had that with the flu before.  i laid in bed and rubbed and rubbed and nothing helped…. only once i started walking around did they go away.  So, not only is my stomach killing me but i have to walk around to get rid of the cramping.

it dawned on me about 2:30am that there are people that live with constant pain.  I have never been one of those, thankfully.  I almost felt guilty that i was sitting there whinning about a stomach ache and leg cramps when there are those that have illnesses and are in pain all of the time.  It makes you thankful for the stomach flu when you know what an alternative could be, huh?  The flu verses cancer.  hmmmm….. i think i know what i’d chose.

Have a good weekend and hey, stay healthy!


3 responses to “Suzy was sick

  1. Sure hope your feeling better!!!

  2. Dale (aka Daddy Nobucks)

    I know as much as I hate to admit it, I’d choose the flu. Thankfully this “bout of battyness” lastly slightly more than 24 hours. I agree with you those who have MS or cancer etc. deal with awful pain and agony day after day. Incredible!

  3. Ugh! Had a bout with that flu stuff at our house too.Its really time for spring. Hope your doing better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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