ok…. by a show of hands… who is feeling very uninspired these days?  Good, then it’s not just me.  My daughter asked if i had written my blog yet, today, and i said, “Nope.  Nothing is inspiring me to write.”  so i thought i can either drabble on and post at least something or spare my readers the boredom and not write anything.

but as you know, my goal is to write daily during the week so i must strive to write something…..  so, here is my list of things that i MUST get done but can’t find the inspiration to get them done.  1.  A book report for class.  2.  a project on ESL Classroom Behaviour.  3.  laundry.  4. Proctoring tonight.  5.  coloring my hair 

so, as i sit here finally seeing the sun coming out from behind the clouds, i will try and pull myself together, find some inspiration from somewhere and try and conquer my list…….  next time you see me you’ll be able to tell if i accomplished my list by checking if there are any grey hairs or not……


3 responses to “Uninspired

  1. I’m feeling extremely uninspired too. Maybe it’s just one of those days.

  2. Let me color your hair….not working today but tonight but I am at the shop to cut hubby’s hair and then I can do yours right after…maybe some red hilites in honor of Valentines? That’ll inspire me!!

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