the Facebook Frenzy…..

 i have been a part of Facebook for sometime now thanks to my kids……  Is there a “Facebook etiquette” written down somewhere?  I have some questions like that i would like answered for me. For example:  1.  is it ok to delete people that you really don’t care anything about and you just added them as a “kind gesture”?  When i first started on Facebook, it was a race to see how many friends i could get… now i realize i really don’t care……  2.  is it ok to tell someone that they shouldn’t be using the “wall” as a date meeting bulletin board because it just looks like you’re bragging that you actually have someone who wants to  meet you?  3.  what about the whole stalking thing?  is it ok to stalk?  by joining a public forum like Facebook are you saying, “Yup, go ahead and stalk me.”  and lastly 4. if someone sends you a friend request and they don’t accept you within a week, what is the alloted wait time of acceptance before you realize that they don’t really want to be your friend?  (You do know that you can rescind a “friend request”, right? and yes, i have……. 2 weeks is too long to wait.)

I love Facebook.  I have been “reaquainted” with a ton of friends because of this social network.  I keep in contact with cousins that i never get to see.  We even organized a reunion this summer of college friends.  but as fun as it is, i have these questions that just keep coming up in my mind.

i’ve designed a poll for today’s blog having to do with deleting people.  I’m just having fun and it means nothing but if you have a few minutes, could you humor me and take it?  See you on Facebook!


4 responses to “the Facebook Frenzy…..

  1. Someone I know deleted all the people he used to know but never keeps in contact with anymore. Smart guy, I think!

  2. Please don’t delete me. I’d cry.

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