i do this exercise at the gym where i sit on a 1/2 ball and while i balance, i move a medicine ball from side-to-side.  This is not a difficult maneuver when i do one thing: focus.  I find that i have to find a point somewhere and keep my eyes focused on that point.  When i fail to keep focused, i start to wobble and almost fall off the ball.

i was thinking about this at the gym this morning while doing this exercise.  I lost my focus, almost fell off (which wouldn’t hurt anything but my ego) and managed to regain the rhythm of the exercise.  I took my eyes off of the focal point.

doesn’t this happen to us in our lives outside of the gym?  At this point in winter, i MUST focus on Spring arriving.  I’ll go nuts if i don’t.  How about your New Year’s weight loss?  I keep focusing on that target i’ve set for myself and when i put something in my mouth that shouldn’t go there, i’m losing focus and have to think about my target, again.  I can only think the same thing about this course i’m taking.  Not that thrilled about being back at it but i have to keep focused on the end and finishing well.

is it easy to keep focused?  not for me; I’m easily distracted, like at the gym..  a favorite song of mine came on and that caused me to lose focus….   i hope you have a better time focusing than i do on things.. maybe you can give me some tips if you have any 🙂

by the way, for those of you who have read my blog from the beginning, i said i would update you on my “weight” process.  I’m up to 15 pounds on each arm now. 🙂  Now that’s something i have been able to keep focused on!

have a great weekend!


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