Eating Out…..

i was thinking yesterday about the “event” of eating out for a meal.  We all like to do it and i was thinking of the difference between when i was a kid and when my kids were little. My how eating out has changed.  We never ate out as kids.  I think it was probably the whole money thing.  there weren’t the choices then that there are now, either.  McDonald’s opened it’s first doors in 1955 so they weren’t all the rave in the 60’s and 70’s, yet.  We also lived in small communities where eating out wasn’t as easy as it was  in the cities.  BUT…..My kids grew up eating out.  I remember one time we were driving in the car and my daughter was just learning to talk and she pointed to the big yellow arches and said, “M. McDonalds”….. maybe we ate out too much?  🙂 

what about when we did get to eat out as kids?  anytime we went on a family trip, my dad always wanted to try “a local place”.  what?  our only chance to eat out in months and we don’t get to go  Mc-yD’s?  we would protest but he usually won out because he could get a nice plate of liver and onions!  I won’t even go there!!!!  in their defence, i do recall eating at Little Ceaser’s pizza.  No liver on the pizza, please!

yes, times sure have changed.  There’s a fast food place on every corner and people can eat out for every meal if they would like to.  I always like to eat out when we’re on vacation.  usually it’s a week or so of eating at different restaurants and it’s fun.   but it’s interesting how when i get back home  i realize that i’ve missed cooking and want to get right back into the kitchen.


3 responses to “Eating Out…..

  1. I was really relating to everything you were saying until your last sentence about missing cooking and then you completly lost me!

  2. We were the same …hardly ever went out.Also my dad loved and still does a good liver and onions meal when he is out (I agree don’t go there). We used to drink coffee at home but now there is a Starbucks or coffee shop on every corner….Wonder what our grandchildren will see on every corner?????

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