Cheese? yes, please……

i just love cheese!  what an amazing  food!  Think of all of the different kinds of cheese there are.  I’m sitting here eating a Greek salad that is LOADED with Feta and i’m just loving it! Now mind you, i detest goat feta but any other kind of feta i love.  There’s a Greek dish i make called Tyropita which is feta, eggs, butter and phylo pastry.  Hello!  give me the whole pan, please!

Then there are your cheddar cheeses which go with anything from nachos to apple pie.  and how about the ever awesome brie?  oh, my goodness!  i had never tasted it until a few years ago and now i love it.  I have 2 friends that would devour a whole roll on their own, i’m sure!  By the way, it’s best hot with raspberry jam spread all over it.  YUMMY!

and how about your havarti cheese…. it’s best when it’s spotted throughout with jalapeno peppers or dill.  let’s not forget  about swiss and gouda.  and yes, the gouda is best smoked! 

Have you had enough?  Are you stopping by the deli on the way home to pick up some cheese?  i think i just might.  Don’t forget about a box of Triscuits, too…..   I hope that i never become lactose intollerant…… with my love of cheese and ice cream,  if that happened, the world might come to an end!


7 responses to “Cheese? yes, please……

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Hungry now! Think I’ll make a broccoli and cheese soup this weekend!

  2. We had brie baked with brown sugar and brandy and pecans served at my mom’s wedding this past weekend…. A-MAZ-ING! Believe it or not, it was MUCH better than the one with jelly from a few years back (on the night that we first met, as I recall!)

  3. Hi Karen– Send me that recipe sometime, would you? (Especially if it’s vegetarian.) I married a Greek guy and don’t have many Greek recipes. His Grandma won’t give me any of hers. She says I’m not a good enough cook to handle them! LOL

  4. Suzy, I read your blog (on the sly, whilst at work) At days end I went to the grocery, forgetting about your blog I bought a round of camembert cheese. I put it in the fridge, and now am realizing the power of suggestion ! You need to see if the Dairy association will subsidize your work. Tu like da’ Camembert ? No ? Oui, Oui !
    ~ Abiento, OBJ ~

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