The Candy Disappointment

ok, so i bought this candy on saturday.  My son and i were walking through the Bulk Barn and my eyes caught the Brach’s Jelly Nougat bin.  I was so excited! i hadn’t had them for sometime and they used to be one of my favorites as a kid!  I said to my son, “I have to have some of these.”  yeah, i know, they’re all sugar and not good for someone my age but who cares once-in-awhile?  I proceeded to put about 12 in the bag and went to pay for them.  As i unwrapped the first one, my excitement died…… much to my disappointment, it wasn’t how i remembered.  The jelly nougats are much smaller than i recall and it tastes way more surgary than i ever remember it did. 😦

Now what?  i sit with these 12 candies (well, 11 now) and contemplate what to do with them.  Should i eat them?  Should i waste them and throw them out?  Is it worth the calories?  Should i throw them in my desk for when i need that 3:00 sugar fix?  too many decisions for candy that was a total disappointment.

this started me thinking about other things from when i was a kid that are different than i probably remember them to be.  Have you ever moved from a house, went back and it seemed so much smaller?  How about a high school reunion?  Somehow those friends that you just couldn’t live without have different interests now.  Let’s think about the music from past days…. nah, let’s not!  i still LOVE 80’s rock!

Happy remembering and i recommend staying away from the Jelly Nougats.


4 responses to “The Candy Disappointment

  1. Either it is our memory that fades or our experiences make us change or the manufacturer uses cheaper ingredients……:)Probably a little of all three….

  2. I know how much you love candy…what a HUGE disappointment.
    I remember thinking that my parents were so old when I was a kid…now I am about same age and I am not OLD…even if my body tells me so.

  3. hey! remember …. If you want my body and you think iam sexy………. probably late 70s rock,but close. lol

    • i certainly do remember that one! and when i hear it, i think of us in a green tent on an island singing it to impress the boys…… it seemed to have worked for you! 🙂

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