The Easiest Job I’ve Ever Had…..

after many years of wondering if my university degree has paid off, i’ve finally come to the conclusion that it has.  Strangely enough, it’s gotten me the easiest job i’ve ever had.  i managed to stumble upon the role of proctoring exams at the university in our city and you have to have a degree to get this job.   Thanks to my daughter and a friend of hers, i started this job last fall during exam time.  All it is is glorified babysitting…

What is proctoring, you ask?  As students take their exams, i watch them.  I watch that they don’t cheat, i take attendance with their student cards, walk up and down the aisles to see that they don’t have any cheat notes with them, i take them to the bathroom so they don’t find  a way to cheat in there and when the exam is done, i count to make sure that everyone has turned their exam in.  I know!  isn’t that the easiest job, ever?

the easiest job ever has it’s drawbacks, of course.  It’s boring.  I proctored a 4 hour exam before Christmas and it was boring.  Did i forget to mention that you’re not allowed to bring anything to do?   Well, it’s quite hard to catch cheaters when you’re reading a book…… hmmmm… hadn’t thought about that when i signed up.  And because it has to be quiet, you can’t talk to the other proctors…..which, if you know me, keeping quiet for 2-4 hours is quite hard!

all-in-all it’s a great job for earning some extra cash……..  Hey! anyone else out there have an easier job?  let me know, please…. i might see if i can do that one, too 🙂


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