A Winter’s Day

I was told a couple of times yesterday that my blog wasn’t very cheery.  I apologize for that.  I usually write what’s on my mind and that’s what was hanging there yesterday.

So, today, i will try and be a bit more positive.  It’s January and for gardeners that’s a very hard time of the year.  The fall frost has passed long  ago and we’ve forgotten how awful it is to clean up dead stuff in the garden and it’s just far enough from Spring to think that it might really never come.

But as i look out my office window i see the sun shining and reminding me that it’s still around; that’s it’s just a little far away from Ontario right now and it will get closer, soon.  I looked at my snow covered garden last night and dared to dream for a minute about what i want to plant this summer.  Last year we planted vegetables… i think this year it’s gonna be all flowers!

On that note, i found this picture and thought i would share it with you.  When i saw it, it cheered me up and gave me that great reminder that yes, Spring will come and yes, I will, once again, be digging around in the dirt, pulling out weeds, throwing worms at my son and watering daily.  Enjoy your winter’s day!


3 responses to “A Winter’s Day

  1. Yeah!!! Bring on the worms!!!!!

  2. big, juicy ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Suzy P, I don’t want you to be cheery, I want you to be yourself ! ~OBJ

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